Corset Dresses

Add an extra layer of beauty with our body-skimming corset dresses, that highlight your waist and add an extra push to your bust. Our bustier dresses are going to be your new go-to if you are willing to impress in a chic evening or a cocktail party.

Corset dresses in various colors.

Add some nice color to your corset dress to make sure that you are the center of the show. We have bustier dresses in every color that you wish, from dark colors like black, brown, navy, grey, purple, to light colors such as white, yellow, green, blue, pink, red, orange. If you want something more interesting then we have neon corset dresses in pink and yellow, and we also have color block corset dresses with matching colors.

Bustier dresses in wide styles.

Mix and match your favorite color with your preferred corset style to get the ultimate look. Our corset dresses come in all the trendy styles that you wish for from maxi dresses to mini dresses, and from sleeveless bustier dresses to full sleeve ones, and from backless dress to racerback, and from high neck bustier dresses to v neck and many more that you will explore at Irhaz.

Corset Dresses in different materials.

We have corset dresses made of different textiles to match your skin and the occasion that you are going to. If you are invited to a cocktail party or a luxurious event then we suggest a sued corset dress or velvet bustier dress, and if you are going on a date and you want to catch your boo's attention then we highly recommend a satin dress, and if you are invited for a club or girls night, then we have a sequin or a glitter dress that will make you shine like a disco ball.