Long Sleeve Dresses

Bring a whole nother level of luxury to your wardrobe with our long sleeve dresses, that mix luxury with sexiness. Our versatile collection of long sleeve dresses will make your vibes on point, by choosing the right dress style and color that matches your taste to make sure that you make heads turn upon you.

Long sleeve dresses in different styles.

Long sleeve dresses are usually worn to formal occasions such as cocktail or pool parties, and luxury events, however, with our unique styles you can choose to wear them whenever you want. We have long sleeve dresses with no back, racerback, and lace back, we also have full sleeve dresses in different lengths from mini to midi, to maxi, and different silhouettes from bodycon to flare, to skater dresses, and with sublime details such as cutout sides, split leg, corset waist, wrapping details, and much more, exclusively at Irhaz.

Full sleeve dresses in various colors.

slip-into into your favorite dress and choose the right color that will make you the star of the show. If you love dark colors, then we have every dark shade that you can imagine from black to grey, and in various light colors such as pink, blue, green, purple, orange, green, and white.

Long sleeve dresses in versatile fabric.

Our textiles are gathered from the most expensive yet durable materials in the world, just to make sure that look and feel comfortable while wearing our long sleeve dresses, and we don't get enough just by that, we also craft our dresses with different fabrics to make you look special in every occasion. If you are preparing to go on a date, then we suggest our satin and suede long sleeve dresses, and if you want to make people dazzled at a cocktail party, then our glitter and embellished full sleeve dresses are the best choices.