Flare Dresses

Bring 80s styles to our 21st century by mixing the latest dress trends with vintage styles such as flare dresses, that hugs your waist and get loose in the knees. This trendy fit and flare dress will make you the subject of the talk with our wide range of details to add and colors that show your skin tone and body curves.

Flare dresses in many details.
We love to see you dazzle like a star in the crow, that's why we make sure to mix our flare dresses with some unique details that will make your dress a monument. We have flare dresses with different necklines from a high neck, to v-neck, to off the shoulder, and even one-shoulder dresses, while we offer flare dresses with different back variants, we have no back dresses, racerback dresses, lace back dresses, and also we have different waist designs, such as asymmetrical wrapping, corset waist, cut out waist details, and more styles that you can't even imagine.
Flare dresses in various colors.
Highlight your skin one with our attention-grabbing colors that suits every skin color, we have flare dresses in dark colors such as grey, brown, navy, burgundy, and every shade of black. While we also have light colors such a white, yellow, orange, red, pink, nude, blue, green, and more. If those colors are not your style, then we offer you our flare dresses crafted from shiny materials that glow in the night like a star. If you are going on a date then we suggest our glitter and embellished rhinestone dress, and if you are going to a club night or a pool party, then a sequin dress is the best choice for you.
Fit and flare dresses in all sizes.
Every babe should enjoy our fit and flare dresses no matter what size she wears, that's why at Irhaz we make sure to add extra small and extra-large sizes, to help every babe enjoy her evening without worrying to wear the same clothes that she wears every day.