Khaki Skirts

Colors are the eyes' language, and when you choose the perfect color with the right outfit, you will blow minds. Our selection of khaki skirts will make you look like an angel, available in various styles, designs, details, and materials only at IRHAZ.

Our khaki skirts are made to flatter and to achieve the ultimate look we always add some stunning designs and details to our collection. We have khaki skirts in all lengths, from long skirts to miniskirts, and in different designs such as flare, ruffle, cheerleader, skaters, wide, bodycon, pencil, silhouette, and detailed with zipper, wrap, button, chain, mesh, and more dazzling features.

We have all types of khaki grades, and we also give you the choice to choose from various patterns, and prints such as animal prints like leopard, snakeskin, cheetah, zebra, and crocodile prints. We also have floral prints with a mix of patterns and designs, not to forget about geometrical patterns and abstract paints.

Never think twice about your size no matter what type of body you have, we have from extra small to extra large khaki skirts, that every skinny or curvy babe can wear in which she can move freely and look good in it.

Our khaki skirts are made from high-quality fabric to keep the environment safe, which means that every skirt you wear is environment friendly and also has no chemical effect on your skin. We also have khaki skirts crafted in various fabrics to go with different occasions, if you are going on a date, then a satin or sued khaki skirt will work great for you, and if you are going with the girls then a leather skirt is the right choice, and if you have a beach or pool party then our khaki cover-up skirts crafted from mesh or crochet are the best decision.