Fashion Brand Ambassador Program

Become our Instagram fashion clothing brand ambassador

Welcome to the number one brand ambassador program. No high tickets conditions, anyone can be part of our team, and enjoy tons of free clothes, money, and high commissions. All you need is a social media accounts at least 2, preferably instagram, twitter, pinterest, and facebook, and also you must have an active followers more than 100. If you have this then you are eligible to proceed to the next steps. So let's dig into it!


  1. Simply fill the form below.

  2. If your submission is accepted, you will be provided a Special Affiliate Discount Code to share with your Friends and Followers.

  3. Every time someone makes a purchase using your discount code, they get 5% off their order.

  4. When someone uses your code you get 10% commission of their entire order.
  5. You receive free product or cashback once you reach $50 of commissions.

Fashion clothing brand ambassador program


    1. Delight your Friends and Followers with 10% off all their IRHAZ orders!

    2. There’s No Limit on the Commission or number of Free PRODUCTS you can earn.

    3. You choose whether you want to receive free gifts (incl. free shipping) or earn a commission of sales using your discount code.

    4. You will get a discount whenever someone uses your referral code.


    1. Share your discount code with your followers on Social Media, Instagram,Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, Blogs, etc.

    2. Write Blog Posts and Reviews about IRHAZ products, or film Youtube videos to boost your chances of earning rewards. Only your imagination sets the limit for how you promote our products.*

    3. It doesn’t matter where you share it, every time someone uses your discount code, you will be compensated.

    4. You can use mouth to mouth strategy, but be sure that you don't share your brand ambassador secret code with anyone because it can be used only once.


    In nowadays we see that only big shots who gets the chance to become a brand ambassador, but we noticed that even people with small audience have their dreams and we should help them achieve their goals, that's why we came to the idea of giving everyone the opportunity to showcase their talent. because for us — It does not matter how many followers you have, or how popular your blog is. We are all influencers of the people in our network, and a heads-up from you mean more to your network, than some Youtube celebrity. You have an influence, why not get compensated for recommending great products? And should your blog or Youtube channel suddenly gain wild popularity — then we will keep paying you commission no matter how much you earn!


    • 100-1000 followers -> gets 15% off discount
    • 1000-2500 followers -> gets 20% off discount
    • 2500-4000 followers -> gets 25% off discount
    • 4000-6500 followers -> gets 30% off discount
    • 6500-8000 followers -> gets 35% off discount
    • 8000-10k followers -> gets 40% off discount
    • 10k-15k followers -> gets 45% off discount
    • 15k-20k followers -> gets 50% off discount 
    • 20k-25k followers -> gets 55% off discount 
    • 25k-30k followers -> gets 60% off discount 
    • 30k-35k followers -> gets 65% off discount 
    • 35k-40k followers -> gets 70% off discount 
    • 40k-45k followers -> gets 75% off discount 
    • 45k-50k followers -> gets 80% off discount 
    • 50k-55k followers -> gets 85% off discount 
    • 55k-60k followers -> gets 90% off discount 
    • 60k-65k followers -> gets 95% off discount 
    • 65k and more -> gets free items from our choice. 

    6-What you need in order to be accepted?:

    • Follow us on Instagram to make sure that you are not a robot or spam account.
    • In order to work with us again your code must be used before 180 days or it will expire.
    • If you have been accepted you can visit to choose which product you want to promote.
    • Make sure to fill the form below correctly.
    • We do not guarantee that you will be accepted.
    • We will inform you by email or by Instagram direct message, and give you your commission code, and the code that you will be sharing with your audience.
    • Choose a unique code. It will be used to create your personalised code and link. This is important. You will share your code and link with others.

    7-What types of products that you can promote?:

    You can promote any product from the categories below:


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