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Why I Love This Gold Satin Crop Top Blouse

10 Dec 2020 0 Comments
Satin Beach Top
I bought this top to go to the beach in the summer. In our region, there is a crazy heat that you want to undress as much as possible😅
When I saw this top in the open spaces of IRHAZ, I threw it into the basket without even thinking. We have hooked on the puff sleeves that are fashionable nowadays, satin not lagging behind them in relevance and, of course, a symbolic price :) for such a thing that you don’t wear every day, the price is the most optimal👌🏻
When the top arrived, I found a problem ... though not in the top, but in my chest so beautiful as in the seller's photo, to my great regret, it does not look at my 80 cm. But what to do, the top is cool and it was necessary to somehow solve the problem.
The solution was found quickly, I just tried to wrap the top around myself twice and there were just two small ponytails left on the back, which I managed to tie into a fairly not catchy knot 😉
The blouse immediately played on me with new colors and stopped disfiguring and flattening my already small breasts😎
The fabric does not look cheap, the ties are sewn in two layers in a seamless way so that there is no video of the wrong side when tying. I did not find protruding threads, holes, stains and other sorrows of Chinese sellers. A little smell is gone after washing🍃
Of course, I would like this top to look like the photo on me, but these are only my wishes :) when I ordered it, I knew my parameters, body type and understood that it would sit on me differently
I was satisfied with the top, I definitely recommend to order good shopping

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