Flare Jeans

We always once in our lives to try the old fashion, how it feels, looks, and fits. But we choose carefully what to wear. Flare jeans are one of those old 70's fashion trends, they became more popular among women, due to their new design and colors that make heads turn.

Flare jeans in different designs and details.

We design our flare jeans carefully taking into consideration your comfortability and your look. High-waisted bell bottom jeans are one of the most popular ones, they hug your curves nicely, and make your belly look flat, while low cut flare jeans make your hips look sexy. Adding some nice details like ankle split to show your footwear, or a zip-fly and pockets to make a bold statement.

Colors are making flare jeans more interesting.

Denim color is a beautiful color, but some babes prefer other color shades, such as black, grey, navy, and olive. While others prefer lighter colors like pink, white, blue, nude, and beige. If you are not into solid colors then we also have flare jeans with some nice embroidery details, patchwork, and embellishments. Win the mix and match game by matching the perfect bell bottom jeans with your preferred top and outerwear.

Flare jeans available in all sizes.

Our vintage-inspired jeans are made to serve every babe out there. By making sure to look good on our flare jeans, we also make sure that it fits perfect on you. If you are wearing a small size or bigger one, then we assure you that you will feel like you are flying in the sky, and you can feel good after a full day of wear.