Knitted Skirts

Knitted skirts are wardrobe essentials, especially in cold weather when you wrap yourself in a cozy knit skirt that makes your body feel warm when people are shaking from cold.

At IRHAZ we have a collection of knitted skirts that contains all kinds of styles, designs, details, and trends that you wish for. We have knitted skirts in all lengths from mini bodycon or flare knitted skirts to knee-length pencil or wide knitted skirts, not to forget about the vintage floor-length knitted skirts. We always make sure to add some drama to our collections by adding some dazzling details to these knitted skirts such as button-up details, split leg, double split, wrapping feature, and many more.

We have all kinds of colors that you wish for, from dark color knitted skirts like black, brown, navy, olive, dark grey, burgundy, and light colors such as white, yellow, red, green, pink, and we also have mixed color blocks and various patterns.

No worries about what size you wear, due to high-tech fabrication, our skirts have a smooth stretchiness that suits all types of body shapes whether you have an hourglass body, or a curvy body, it does not matter.