Low Rise Jeans

Stay in sync with the latest fashion trends with our vast collection of low rise jeans that sit low in your hips and bring the noughties trend to the future. Our low waist jeans are made with love and uniqueness, different from the old low rise jeans, by adding flattering designs, unique styles, and dazzling colors.

Low rise jeans in different styles.

Get yourself a pair of low rise jeans that will flatter your body shape and make you look like an on-duty model. Putting a little thought into what you should get for your wardrobe, will affect your personality and how people perceive you that's why we provide you with low waisted jeans in different styles like any other jeans. We have flare low rise jeans, mom jeans, skinny jeans, wide leg jeans, and boyfriend lowrider jeans.

Women's low rise jeans in different designs.

Hugging those hips on low rise jeans is not an easy task when it comes to looking sexy and fashionable. At Irhaz we create our designs with love. By adding stunning details, and features to make you look flattering. We have the famous distressed low rise jeans, fringe jeans, patchwork jeans, chain detail jeans, and even lace-up low waist jeans.

Women's low waisted jeans in different colors.

Every babe out there has her own color taste. That's why we crafted our low rise jeans in different colors and washes. We have the classic blue, grey, or black. And if you prefer lightful colors, then we have pink, yellow, beige, and nude low rise jeans. If you're not getting enough of our colors, then maybe acid wash jeans will do the job for you.