Maxi Skirts

We all have that basic outdated maxi skirt in our closet, we want to wear it but it’s not going to keep up with today's trends. Well, babe don't worry about it, because we have maxi skirts that will surpass your imagination, and make people dazzled.

Inspired by today's fashion and designs, our maxi skirts have all that it needs to compete with modern looks. We have maxi skirts styled with ruffle details, frill hems, split feature, double slit, button-up, zipper detail, wrapping belt, an asymmetrical design, ruched fabric, drawstring details, and many more dazzling details.

What makes our long maxi skirts more interesting is the colors that we have. We know that every doll has its taste of colors, that’s why we make sure to design our skirts in both dark colors such as black, brown, dark grey, navy, purple, red, olive, and also in lighter colors like white, yellow, nude, pink, blue, green, we have maxi skirts in different graphic prints and patterns, such as floral print, animal print, geometrical print, abstract print, and plaid vertical and horizontal lines.

Maxi skirts can be worn in all seasons and occasions depending on the fabric that you choose. If you are invited to a beach party in warm weather, then we suggest a mesh or crochet maxi skirt, and if you are feeling cold, then our cotton ribbed and leather maxi skirt are the right choice for you, and if you are going on a date with your bae, and you want to dazzle hem, then our silky and suede maxi skirts are highly recommended.