Tie Bikinis

The best moments in summer and vocations are when wearing a dazzling bikini set, especially if it has a unique design like a side-tie bikini bottom or tie top, which makes it very sophisticated and gives more control over how it hugs your body.

Tie side bikinis in every color.

The vibes won't be perfect unless you choose the perfect color that matches your taste and skin tone. At Irhaz we have tie bikinis in black, white, grey, blue, navy, green, and in more light colors like yellow, pink, red, and orange, And if you want to make a bold statement we have neon colors that make heads turn, and of course, we have a wide range of printed knot bikini bottoms and tops which makes the mix and match game more fun, we have zebra print, snakeskin, leopard, cheetah, polka dots, slogans, pictures, and more geometrical designs.

Women's Tie bikini sets in different designs.

Tie sides bikini bottoms and tops are one of the most popular swimsuits, and of course, we don't want you to wear what everybody wears. We provide you with a versatile collection of tie bottoms and tops in different designs. From Brazilian cut to high leg cut, and from triangle top, to square neckline, and more stunning designs at Irhaz.

Sizes available for everyone.

No more worries about not finding your size. Bikini ties are originally made for babes with big breasts and bum, so they can make their bikini more adjustable on their body, which makes them look sexier, and feel free and get a luxurious look. And can wear bikini ties in more than one way without worrying.